Leadless Decorative Tiles, Faience and Mosaic comprising notes and excerpts on the History, Materials, Manufacture & Use of Ornamental Flooring Tiles, Ceramic Mosiac and Decorative Tiles and Faience, with complete series of recipes for the tile-bodies and for Leadless Glazes and Art-Tile Enamels; the Work includes the following specially wriiten contributions Notes on the Decorative and Architectural Use of Glazed Tiles and Faience in China by Dr. Stephen W. Bushell; a List of the Principal existing Monuments in India upon which Titlework Decoration Appears by C. Stanley Clarke; Notes on the Tile Decoration found on Buildings in Punjab and Bengal; Designing for Ornamental Tileork and Faience by Ambrose Wood

Resource Type : BOOK
Author : Furnival, William James
Year/Date of Publication : 1904
Subject : Sculpture, Ceramics & Metalwork
Publisher : W. J. Furnival
Place of Publication : Staffordshire
Language : English
Pages/Folios : 852p.
Identifier : BK_00063798
Digitization Sponsor : Observer Research Foundation

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