The Burney Papers, Vol. I (October 1825 to April 1826); Vol. II, Part II. (May 1824 to July 1826); Vol. II., Part III. (August 1825 to March 1825); Vol. II., Part IV.; Vol. II., Part V. (February 1825 to October 1827); Vol. II., Part VI. (January 1826 to February 1831); Vol. III, Part I. (March 1827 to June 1833); Vol. III, Part II. (August 1830 to June 1840); Vol. IV, Part I. (February 1838 to March 1849); Vol. IV, Part II. (March 1841 to December 1846); Vol. V, Part I. (Retrospect of British Policy from the period of the first Establishment of Penang 17th July 1786-1839)-List of Contents (bounded together)

Resource Type : BOOK
Author : Burney, H.
Year/Date of Publication : 1910
Subject : History of Asia
Publisher : The Vajiranana National Library
Place of Publication : Bangkok
Language : English
Identifier : BK_00030456
Digitization Sponsor : Sri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj

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