Sketches of the Native States under the Political Agency in the Rewa Kanta; the Rewa Kanta Tributaries and the Fortified Places in that Province; Report on the Hill-Fort of Powagur; Lists of Towns and Villages in the Rewa Kanta; their estimated revenues etc.; Geological and Statistical Notes on the Portions of the Rewa Kanta Districts and Descriptions of the Iron Ores of that Province; Historical Sketch &c. of the Petty State of Baria; Settlement of the Naikara Country, effected in the Year 1838; Claim of the Babee of Balasinor to excercise Sovereignty over the Satoomba Talooka; Memoir on the Rajpeela State; Routes in and Reports &c. on the Rajpeepla and adjoining Districts, surveyed during the Years 1852 to 1855; Investigation into the Disputed Succession to the Gadee of Rajpeela; Reports by Mr. J. P. Willoughby on the Resources, &c. of Rajpeepla and various Proceedings connected with that State; Settlement, based on a System on Conciliation, effected by Mr. J. P. Willoughby, during the Years 1822 to 1826, for the reclamation, &C. of the Turbulent Bheels, Naikras and Mehwaees residing in the Rajpeepla and other Districts; Extracts from Reports by Major Wallace on the Punchmahal Districts (Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government, No. XXIII.- New Series)

Resource Type : Government Publication
Author : Wallace, R. Maj.
Fulljames, G. Maj.
Malet, A.
Year/Date of Publication : 1856
Subject : History of Asia
Publisher : Bombay Education Society's Press
Place of Publication : Bombay
Language : English
Pages/Folios : xx , 860p.
Identifier : GP_00110041
Digitization Sponsor : Sri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj

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