Correspondence relating to the Queen's Jurisdiction on the Gold Coast. Despatches on the subject of Domestic Slavery and introduction of Slaves. Report on the conduct of the Deputy commissioners, officers, and men, composing the expedition under his command on the Gold Coast. Further Correspondence / Further Papers relating the Ashantee Invasion. (No. 9-7 & 5-1). Latest Despatches from Sir Garnet Wolseley. (No.6)

Resource Type : Government Publication
Author : Great Britain. House of Commons
Year/Date of Publication : 1875
Subject : History of Africa
Publisher : Harrison and Sons
Place of Publication : London
Language : English
Pages/Folios : 7-57p. 44p. vii, 94p. iv, 18p. 13p. v, 68p. vi, 69p. xi , 257p. xi,214p. x ,160p.
Identifier : GP_00110169
Digitization Sponsor : Sri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj

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