Expositions; or, Niyama-Dipani; translated from the Pali; Critical, comparative, and historical method of inquiry, as applied to Sanskrit scholarship and philology and Indian archeology, being a lecture read at a public meeting held under the auspices of the Free Church College Literary Society of Bombay on the 31st of March, 1888; Parsee Heritage. First series, second impression. 1932; Thoughts on the Problems of the day; Though on the Present World-distress; Emancipation of the Indian Labourer; Double Government, the Civil Service, and the India Reform Agitation; What is BAHAI ?; Some of the Sayings of Ali; Truth about the Khilafat; Shayast ne Shayast; Comparative Study of Persian and Arabic Words in Every-day use by the Parsees; Future of Zoroastrianism; Comparative Study of Religions and Philosophies; The Way of the Superor Mind; Need and Possibility of Organisation for an Increasing Betterment of the Parsee Community; Fall of the Last Iranian Zoroastrian Dynasty and Real Causes of Coming to India of the Zoroastrian- Katrak (bounded together)

Resource Type : Book
Author : Sayadaw, Ledi
Davids, C. A. F. Rhys Mrs. (Ed.)
Year/Date of Publication : 1921
Subject : Other Religions
Publisher : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Language : English
Pages/Folios : 2p., 89p, 25p, 25p, 119p., 24p., 36p., 97p., 31p., xxiii - 33p., 65p., 37p., iv : 64p., 21p., 39p., 15p., 33p., 15p., 95p.
Identifier : BK_00055658
Digitization Sponsor : Sri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj

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