Kathiawar : Parts of Kattywar & Gohelwar. Season 1870-71. Great Trigonometrical Survey of India.

Resource Type : Map
Year/Date of Publication : 1873
Subject : Topographic Map
Publisher : Dehradun Photozincographed at the G.T.S.Office 1873
Place of Publication : Dehradun
Language : English
Notes/Description : (Sheet No.26 of Kattywar). ORTHOGRAPHY. Accents over letters are indicative of the proper pronunciation : a & ā have the sounds respectively of the first and second a in Mama : e has the sound of a in pale ; i & i the vowel sounds in bit & feel; u that in full, ū that in fool & ai that in dry. Marks under letters indicate the Guzerathi letters from which they are derived, ... & ṇ the dot called the Anaswar over another letter. CONVENTIONAL SIGNS. Trigonometrical Stations & Points respectively Δ & ο or ό. Taluka Boundaries, Metalled roads, Country roads, Foot paths Cultivation, blank. Edge of Cultivation, Waste, Pahlias or In Memoriam stones † Numerals without an affix indicate Trigonometrical heights in feet above mean sea level; thus 365. Numerals with the affix H indicate the number of houses in the town or village whose name they are printed under, thus 472 H; with affix r they indicate the relative heights in feet of banks to beds of water courses, thus 12r. The Latitude are referrible to Kalianpur Observatory,viz. 24° 7' 11. Longitudes to Madras Observatory Old Values viz. 80° 17' 21 Heights to Dangarwari H.S., 97.97 Ft. deduced from Diu Tidal Observations. The most recent value of the Longitude of Madras Observatory is 80° 14' 20, vide Nautical Almanac for 1868; consequently all Longitudes in this map are liable to be diminished by 3'1. Index to Numbers of adjoining sheets.
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Identifier : MAP_0333
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