Kathiawar: Parts of Soruth, Kathiawar, Gohelwar, and Babriawar. Season 1870-71. Great Trigonometrical Survey of India.

Resource Type : Map
Year/Date of Publication : 1872
Subject : Topographic Map
Publisher : Dehradun Photozincographed at the G.T.S.Office 1872
Place of Publication : Dehradun
Language : English
Notes/Description : (Sheet No.28 of Kattywar). ORTHOGRAPHY. Accents over letters are indicative of the proper pronunciation : a & ā have the sounds respectively of the first and second a in Mama: e has the sound of a in pale ; i & i the vowel sounds in bit & feel; u that in full, ū that in fool & ai that in dry. Marks under letters indicate the Guzerathi letters from which they are derived, ... & ṇ the dot called the Anaswar over another letter. CONVENTIONAL SIGNS. Trigonometrical Stations & Points respectively Δ & ο or ό. Taluka Boundaries, Metalled roads, Country roads, Foot paths Cultivation, blank. Edge of Cultivation, Grass preserve, Waste, Pahlias or In Memoriam stones †. Numerals without an affix indicate Trigonometrical heights in feet above mean sea level; thus 365. Numerals with the affix H indicate the number of houses in the town or village whose name they are printed under, thus 472 H; with affix r they indicate the relative heights in feet of banks to beds of water courses, thus 12r. The Latitude are referrible to Kalianpur Observatory,viz. 24° 7' 11. Longitudes to Madras Observatory Old Values viz. 80° 17' 21 Heights to Dangarwari H.S., 97.97 Ft. deduced from Diu Tidal Observations. The most recent value of the Longitude of Madras Observatory is 80° 14' 20, vide Nautical Almanac for 1868; consequently, all Longitudes in this map are liable to be diminished by 3'1. Index to Numbers of adjoining sheets.
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Identifier : MAP_0336
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