India West Coast - Tarapur to Murud-Janjira compiled from various Hydrogarphic surveys to 1967. (No.255)

Resource Type : Map
Year/Date of Publication : 1968
Publisher : Dehradun Naval Hydrographic Office 1968
Place of Publication : Dehradun
Language : English
Notes/Description : CAUTIONS 1. Fishing stakes marked on the chart indicate their approximate positions. These are liable to be found in other areas where the depths are less than 25 metres, even in the approaches to Bombay Harbour. 2. Submarines exercise frequently in the area indicated. A good lookout is to be kept for them when passing through these waters. See Notice to Marines No.10 each year. 3. Certain lights have been omitted from this chart; for details of these, the larger scale charts and the Admiralty List of Lights should be consulted. CURRENTS The currents are of monsoonal origin, but tend to follow the trend of the coast. In December and January sets are north-westerly with rates of up to 1 knot. In July and August, when the S.W.Monsoon is well established, south-easterly sets with rates of up to 2 knots are experienced during the N.E.Monsoon and upto 3 knots during the S.W.Monsoon. For further information see also Admiralty Sailing Directions, Current Atlases etc.
Pages/Folios : 1
Identifier : MAP_0600
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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