Bay of Bengal : False Point Anchorage

Resource Type : Map
Year/Date of Publication : 1877
Subject : Hydographic Map
Publisher : Calcutta Marine Survey Dpeartment 1877
Place of Publication : Calcutta
Language : English
Notes/Description : The Rise and Fall of the Tide in the Harbour is Greatly influenced by the Water Out of the Different Rivers, & Creeks, and by the Prevailing Winds. It is Reported that a Further Reduction of One Foot May Be Made About the Month of May. The Tides set Fairly Through the Channels, Average Rate During the Springs 2 Knots Per Hour, Outside the Anchorage the Flood Sets to the N.E. ebb to the S.W. The Positions of the Buoys Are Not to be Depended Upon as They Are Shifted as the Banks Extend Seaward.
Pages/Folios : 1
Identifier : MAP_0007
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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