A Chart of the Northern Part of the Bay of Bengal

Resource Type : Map
Author : Lloyde, J.N. Richard
Year/Date of Publication : 1840
Subject : Topographic Map
Publisher : Calcutta Marine Survey Department 1840
Place of Publication : Calcutta
Language : English
Notes/Description : The Roman Numbers Show the Actual Time of High Water on Full and Change Days, From Observation: the Flood Tide However Continues to Run About an Hour Afterwards. This Mark, Above the Figures Denotes no Ground at that Depth. The Sounding are for Low Water, Spring Tides, those Which are Written Transversely to the Rest, are Inserted Upon Rather Doubtful Authority. The Tides at the Head of Bay Appear to a Circular Motion: The First Quarter of the Flood Running From W.N.W Round by North, to the Last Quarter E.N.E and the First Quarter of the Ebb. Round by South, to the Last Quarter W.S.W the Great Body or Strength of the Flood Including to the Westward or Eastward of North According to the Direction of the Channels and the Ebb in the Opposite Direction The Sea Face of the Soonderbunds, From Saugor Islands to Chittagong is Taken From the Surveys Made Under my Superintendance, and Assisted Chiefly by Lieutenants J.A.Young and Full,During the Seasons of 1837-38-39 and 40 . The Coast from Chittagong to the Arrcan River is From the Surveys of Captain Ross and Myself
Pages/Folios : 1
Identifier : MAP_0009
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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