Guzerat, Section No.2 of Sheet No. 49 (Dang Forests) : Part of Dang Garvi State, 1878-79 & 1880-81

Resource Type : Map
Year/Date of Publication : 1883
Subject : Topographic Map
Publisher : Deharadun Office of the Trignometrical branch. Survey Of India 1883
Place of Publication : Deharadun
Language : English
Notes/Description : Orthography is in accordance with Bombay Government Official List (Bombay Places and Common Official Words). Conventional Signs. Trigonometrical Stations ▲ Intersected Points and Taverse Stations ○ State Boundaries ~~ Edge of the Forest Clearances ☁ Heights above mean sea level determined trigonometrically thus, 398. Hills Shading strokes are in four grades thus ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ representing respectively vertical intervals of 36,24, 16, and 10⅔ feet approximately The linear Values are Derived from the measured length of the Sironj base, assumed as log. feet 4.5844824, through the Karachi Longitudinal Series. The Heights are refferrible to mean sea level at Okha Tidal Station on the Gulf of Cutch. The Longitudes are referrible to Madras Observatory 80° 17' 21 , to which a correction of -2' 30 must be applies to reduce to the most recent value, viz: 80° 14' 51
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Identifier : MAP_0272B
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