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कल्पसूत्र of भद्रबाहु.

Resource Type : Manuscript
Subject : Agama
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : of these 13. manuscripts,‘ the fourth and the last two contain beautiful pictures; the first and the fourth contain a brief explanation in Sanskrit;the second, fifth and eleventh give an explanation in Gujrati; only the :fifth is incomplete.They are respectively dated as follows :—Sam.x; 1786; x; 1472; 1760; 1681; 1632; 1670; 1817; x; 1883; 1685.Kalpsutra, usually called the Paryusana Kalpa, is the eighth chapter of the Das’a S'ruta-skandha, one of the Chedasutras' For contents&c. see Winternitz, Geschichte, II. p. 309 ff. and I' A. 21, p. 211 ff. Edited with introduction by H’ Jacobi, Leipzig, 1879 and also translated into English in the S. B. E Series. Vol. 22. It is Published with the commentaries of Dharma-sagara ( Sam. 1978) Vinayavijaya and Laksmi-vallabha (Sam. 1975) by the Atmananda sabha, Bhavnagar and with Kalikacarya's Katha (A. D- 1914) and Vinayavijaya’s commentary (A. D. 1911 and 1923) in the D. L. P. Series, Bombay.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 59 , Lines: - , Folio Size in Inches: - x -
Identifier : MS_00001434
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