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निमित्त of भद्रबाहु.

Resource Type : Manuscript
Subject : Prognostication
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : An extensive treatise, in 26 chapters, on omens &c, ascribed to Bhadrabahu, who is represented as a Digambara Jain. According to a Jain legend, Bhadrabahu was the brother of Varahamihira. Both had become Jain monks,but Varahamihira forsook the Jain religion, as he did not get the honour which he had expected.He then secured the favour of the king by means of his superior knowledge of Astronomy,but Bhadrabahu defeated him and composed a Sanhita named after him. Our work perhaps is the same as this Sanhita. The legend is,of course, a fabrication of the later days.For the identity of this Bhadrabahu with the author of the Kalpasutra, cf. Kalpasutra of Bhadrabahu, by H. Jacobi, pp. 13 to 15. See Ulwar Cata., Extract, No. 534, for another MS.,where the work is called Bhadrabahusanhita. The introductory portion as well as the often recurring words भद्रबाहुवचो यथा show, however, that the work could not have been written by Bhadrabahu, though it may have embodied his doctrines.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 17 , Lines: 25 , Folio Size in Inches: 10.25 x 4.5
Identifier : MS_00000385
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