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महाभारत (मोक्षधर्म) with व्याख्यानरत्नावली

Resource Type : Manuscript
Author : विद्दासागर.
Year/Date of Publication : 1567
Original Era : संवत 1624
Subject : Purana
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : Moksadharma of the S’antiparva with a commentary called Vyakhyanaratnavali by Vidyasagara also called Anandapurna, pupil of Abbayananda.Vidyasagara quotes Vijnanes'vara,author of the Mitaksara, on fol. 31. A copy of a commentary on the Brahmasutras by him is dated Samvat 1461; see Hall, Index, p- 96,No. XXXIX. For the author’s Nyayakalpalatatika on Sures’vara’s Brhadaranyakavartika. see Weber, No. 217.If this Vidyasagara is the same as the one mentioned under N o. 699 above, he must have lived at the beginning of the 15th century.The MS. is without the first folio. The author does not quote profusely. The following are mentioned by him in this commentary :-
Pages/Folios : Folios: 222 (2-223) , Lines: 10 , Folio Size in Inches: 11.5 x 4.5
Identifier : MS_00000978
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