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तत्त्वचिन्तामणि of गङ्गेश with टीका

Resource Type : Manuscript
Author : प्रगल्भाचार्य.
Year/Date of Publication : 1521
Original Era : संवत 1578
Subject : Nyaya-Vais'esika
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : Tattvacintamani with a commentary by Pragalbhacarya,son of Narapati who also had written a commentary on the Cintamani. Pragalbha quotes Vardhamana, the author of Prameyatattvabodha and the son of Ganges’a. He must have lived earlier than the beginning of the 16th century, as is clear from the date of our MSS.Our MSS. contain only the Pratyaksa and Anumana Khandas.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 142 , Lines: 15 , Folio Size in Inches: 11 x 5
Identifier : MS_00001019
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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