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न्यायबिन्दु of धर्मकीर्ति.

Resource Type : Manuscript
Year/Date of Publication : 1543
Original Era : संवत 1600
Subject : Nyaya-Vais'esika
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : Nyayabindu is a manual of Nyayas'estra by Dharmakirti, the great buddhist writer who flourished in the first half of the 7th century.The work was written as a sort of Vartika on some work of Dinnaga, as seems from the remark of the commentator (see the next number).Our MS. does not contain the last verse mentioned by S. Vidyabhusana in his Mediaval Logic, p. 116, foot-note. See also his History of Indian Logic, pp. 303-319 for Dharmakirti and his works, and Mr. K. B. Pathaka’s excellent article in J. B. B. R. A. S., vol. 19, p. 47. Dr.Peterson has edited the work with Dharmottarapada’s commentary (see next number) from our MSS., in the Bibliotheca Indica Series.The work is also called Laghudharmottara Sutra.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 4 , Lines: 15 , Folio Size in Inches: 10.5 x 4.5
Identifier : MS_00001041
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