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न्यायसुत्र of गौतम with टीका

Resource Type : Manuscript
Author : विश्र्वनाथ.
Subject : Nyaya-Vais'esika
Script : Devanagari Character
Notes/Description : The Nyayasutras with the commentary of Vis’vanatha Bhattacarya, son of Vidyinivasa Bhattacarya. The commentary was composed in 1634. A. D. Another well-known work of Vie’vanatha is Bhasapariccheda and Siddhantamuktavali.See S. Vidyabhusana, History of Indian Logic, p. 479. This commentary is based on S'iromani’s explanation of the text.Published by the General Committee of Public Instruction, Bengal.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 56 , Lines: 15 , Folio Size in Inches: 12 x 5.75
Identifier : MS_00001048
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra