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पदार्थमाला of जयराम with प्रकाश

Resource Type : Manuscript
Author : लौगाक्षि भास्कर.
Subject : Nyaya-Vais'esika
Script : Devanagari Handwriting
Notes/Description : Padarthamala or Padarthamanimala was composed in A. D. 1659 by Jayarama Nyayapancanana,pupil of Ramabhadra. See History of Indian Logic, p. 477. The commentary was composed probably a few years later by Bhaskara Laugaksi, who on fol. 13, refers to another commentary on the Padarthamala. Bhaskara was the son of Mudgala and was also the author of Tarkakaumudi.The MS. is defective; it contains foll. 1-20;45-48 and a hundred folios more not systematically numbered.
Pages/Folios : Folios: 124 , Lines: 10 , Folio Size in Inches: 9 x 4.25
Identifier : MS_00001049
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