Reports of civil causes adjudged by the Court of Sudur Udalut, for the Presidency of Bombay ;between the years A.D. 1800 and A.D.1824;Divided into Two Parts, the cases in the first being selected from the decisions of the court in Bombay , before its removal to Surat on the, 1st January 1821, Those in the second from the decisions at Surat up to the 31st May 1824; (Vol. I )

Resource Type : Book
Author : Bombay, Presidency
Year/Date of Publication : 1825
Subject : Law
Publisher : The Courier Press
Place of Publication : Bombay
Language : English
Pages/Folios : VII, IV, 485, 23p
Identifier : BK_00108168
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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