The Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples, wherein is contain'd, the History of that Kingdom (comprising also the general affairs of Europe) under the Romans, Goths, Greeks, Longobards, Normans and the Princes of the House of Suevia, till the Death of the Emperor Frederick II. in the year 1250; with the History of the Civil, Canon and Feodal Laws, the Ecclesiastical Polity; the Succession of the Popes and by what subtle Arts the Pontificate gain'd ypon the Regale; where the Author clearly demonstrates, that the Temporal Dominion and Power exercis'd by the Popes, has been altogether owing to the Ignorance and Connivance of, or Concessions extorted from Secular Princes, during the dark Ages, &c., in Two Volumes, Vol. I

Resource Type : Book
Author : Giannone, Pietro
Ogilvie, James (Tr.)
Year/Date of Publication : 1729
Subject : History of Europe
Publisher : W. Innys
Place of Publication : London
Language : Old English
Pages/Folios : vii, 742p.
Identifier : BK_00031053
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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