History of the Kings of Persia; being a complete Chronicle of Events of that Ancient Country from the prehistoric times down to the Settlement of the Parsis in India, in Two Volumes, Vol. II- which comprises the following:- History of the Medes; History of the Achaemenians; History of the Macedonian Greeks; History of the Parsi Rules; History of the Ashkanians; History of the Sassanians; History of the Zoroastrians of Iran; History of the Islami Rule in Iran; History of the Zoroastrians of Hindustan (Ardesher Sorabji Dastur Kamdini's Prize Essay)

Resource Type : Book
Author : Desai, Palanji Barjorji
Year/Date of Publication : 1895
Subject : History of Asia
Publisher : The Standard Presss
Place of Publication : Bombay
Language : English, Gujarati
Pages/Folios : 422p.
Identifier : BK_00066060
Digitization Sponsor : NSDL

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