The Edict of Asoka at Sopara near Bombay and Raja Harsha & Zoroastrian Morality; a Fragment of Asoka's Rock edict found at Sopara and inscription on a plate of a Hindu Raja (being re-print of articles from the Sanj Vartaman Annual 1929 and the Jame Jamshed); ii. Delhi Fort, a Guide to the Buildings and Gardens- Archaeological Survey of India by J. A. Page & Gordon Sanderson; Anthropology of Northern China- Royal Asiatic Society (North China Branch), extra, Vol. II by S. M. Shirokogoroff

Resource Type : Book
Author : Paymaster, Rustam B.
Shirokogoroff, S. M.
Year/Date of Publication : 1923
Subject : Geography & Travel
Publisher : Rustam B. Paymaster
Place of Publication : Bombay
Language : English, Gujarati
Pages/Folios : 16, 5, 56, ii, 127p.
Identifier : BK_00082260
Digitization Sponsor : NSDL

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