The History of the Arts and Sciences of the Antients, under the following Heads: Poetry and Poets, History and Historians, Eloquence and Orators, Philosophy and Philosophers, Civil Law, Metaphysics and Physics, Physic and Physicians, Botany, Chymistry, Anatomy, Mathematics and Mathematicians, Geometry, Astronomy and Astronomers, Arithemetic, &c. Geography and Geographers and Navigation, 2nd ed., Vol. III

Resource Type : Book
Author : Rollin
Year/Date of Publication : 1768
Subject : History of Ancient World (To Ca. 499)
Publisher : J. and F. Rivington
Place of Publication : London
Language : English
Pages/Folios : 516p.
Identifier : BK_00081731
Digitization Sponsor : Government of Maharashtra

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