A Last Peace: A Conversation between X.(a neutral) and Y. (an Englishman); British Universities and the War-a Record and its Meaning; Dawn of Armageddon or the Provocation by Serbia; Justice of Rumania's Cause; Greater Rumania: A Study in National Ideals; List of Neutral Ships sunk by the Germans from August 8th 1914 April 26th 1917; British Workshops and the War; Moral Aspects of the European War; Character of the British Empire; Ottoman Domination; Six of One and Half-a-Dozen of the Other- a Letter to Mr. L. Simons of the Hague; through the Iron Bars; Square Jaw; Pen Pictures of British Battles; 43 Ans De Politique Pacifique et Conciliante Envers l'Allemagne 1871-1914

Resource Type : Book
Author : Prothero, G. W.
Year/Date of Publication : 1917
Subject : History of Europe
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Place of Publication : London
Language : English
Pages/Folios : 40p.
Identifier : BK_00038514
Digitization Sponsor : H.T.Parekh

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