Burzoes Einleitung zu dem Buche Kalila wa Dimna; Notes as to Cosmological Ideas in al Quran by Abdel Hamid Samaha; Le Livre de Gerchasp Poeme Persan Dásadi Junior de Tous, Publie et Traduit par Clement Huart; a Report to the Sir Ratan Tata Trustees on Problems affecting the Parsee Community by S. F.Markham; Zur Ausbreitung des Christentums in Asien von Eduard Sachau; a Brochure on the General Post Office and Central Telegraph Office, Bombay by G. V. Bewoor

Resource Type : Book
Author : Einleitung, Burzoes
Huart, Clement
Sachau, Eduard
Year/Date of Publication : 1919
Subject : Customs, Etiquette & Folklore
Publisher : Karl J. Trubner
Place of Publication : Berlin
Language : English, German
Pages/Folios : 80, 27.8 cm
Identifier : BK_00057534
Digitization Sponsor : H.T. Parekh

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